The Rise of CBD Use Among Top Athletes

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In recent years, CBD (Cannabidiol) has become a popular supplement among elite athletes. This shift has been largely facilitated by the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) decision in 2018 to remove CBD from its list of prohibited substances. This move has allowed athletes to explore the potential benefits of CBD, such as pain relief, reduced inflammation, and improved sleep quality, without fear of sanctions. However, it’s crucial for athletes to ensure they’re using pure CBD isolate to avoid potential penalties due to trace levels of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

Athlete with CBD in a dropperHere are 24 top-level athletes who have incorporated CBD into their training regimens:

  1. Rickie Fowler: An American professional golfer, Fowler is known for his impressive performances in major championships. He has incorporated CBD into his regimen to aid recovery and maintain focus on the course.
  2. Klay Thompson: A key player in the NBA, Thompson has won multiple championships with the Golden State Warriors. He uses CBD to manage pain and promote recovery after intense games.
  3. George Kruis: This English rugby player has been a vocal advocate for the use of CBD (cannabidiol) in sports. He has spoken about how CBD has helped him manage pain and recover from injuries.
  4. Bubba Watson: A two-time Masters Tournament champion, Watson uses CBD to manage stress and enhance sleep, crucial elements for his performance on the golf course.
  5. Kerri Walsh Jennings: A three-time Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball, Jennings uses CBD to aid recovery and maintain peak physical condition.
  6. James Haskell: A former England rugby player, Haskell uses CBD to manage the physical toll of his demanding sport.
  7. Ben Franks: Another rugby player, Franks uses CBD to aid recovery and manage pain, helping him maintain his high level of play.
  8. Megan Rapinoe: A star of women’s soccer, Rapinoe uses CBD for pain management and recovery, and she’s also a vocal advocate for CBD use in sports.
  9. Rob Gronkowski: This NFL player turned to CBD after retiring due to injury. He credits CBD with helping him manage pain and inflammation.
  10. Eugene Monroe: A former NFL player, Monroe was one of the first active players to advocate for CBD and cannabis use in the NFL for pain management.
  11. Mike Tyson: The former heavyweight boxing champion uses CBD to manage pain and stress.
  12. Nate Diaz: This UFC fighter is a well-known proponent of CBD, using it for recovery after fights.
  13. Shannon Briggs: A heavyweight boxing champion, Briggs uses CBD to manage pain and promote overall wellness.
  14. David Wells: A two-time World Series champion and perfect game pitcher, Wells uses CBD to manage chronic pain resulting from his baseball career.
  15. Alex Montagnani: An MMA fighter, Montagnani uses CBD to aid recovery and manage the physical demands of his sport.
  16. Kieran Kevan: A bodybuilder, Kevan uses CBD to aid muscle recovery and manage pain.
  17. Tomas Wolfe: Another bodybuilder, Wolfe uses CBD for its anti-inflammatory benefits and to aid recovery.
  18. Paul Pierce: Pierce is recognized as one of the greatest players in the history of the Boston Celtics, the team with which he spent the majority of his career. He uses CBD to manage chronic pain.
  19. Charley Hoffman: A professional golfer, Hoffman uses CBD to manage stress and maintain focus during tournaments.
  20. Eddie Hall: A competitor in the World’s Strongest Man, Hall uses CBD to manage the immense physical strain of his sport.
  21. Albee Layer: A Hawaiian surfer, Layer uses CBD to manage pain and aid recovery from injuries.
  22. Ross Rebagliati: A Canadian snowboarder, Rebagliati uses CBD to manage pain and promote overall wellness.
  23. Brooke Ence: An elite CrossFit athlete, Ence uses CBD to aid recovery and manage the physical demands of her sport.
  24. Derrick Morgan: A former NFL linebacker, Morgan uses CBD for pain management and recovery.

The use of CBD among top-level athletes is a testament to its potential benefits. As more research is conducted and more athletes share their positive experiences, it’s likely that CBD will continue to be a part of athletes’ training regimens for many years to come. The potential for improved recovery, pain management, and overall wellness makes CBD a promising supplement for athletes striving for peak performance.


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