Michael Lagnese

Michael Lagnese is the co-founder and CEO of Mojave Rx – a consumer-focused CBD brand specializing in creating high potency products to support athletic performance, physical rehabilitation, and muscle recovery.

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 2003, Michael delved into the world of TV and film, co-producing Sullivan & Son and co-executive producing Netflix hit show F is for Family. He then went on to branch out into entrepreneurial endeavors and saw great success in his early projects.

Feeling more invigorated by bringing great products to consumers, Michael launched Mojave Rx in 2021. After having his own experiences with chronic pain, and wanting to avoid the opioid painkillers being championed by his doctors, Michael was astounded by the therapeutic effects of CBD. This led to a burning passion to share the compound with others and helped to form his primary mission of creating high-quality and highly potent CBD products that were capable of improving people’s day-to-day lives.

And, with the amount of gratitude and positive feedback that he has received from customers so far, he is right on track! Customers using Mojave Rx’s CBD products to assist with everything from injury recovery to chronic pain, sleep disorders, and much more have all had tremendous things to say. Coupled with a commitment to donate $1 of every sale to charities that support transitioning veterans, Mojave’s positive impact is unquestionable. 

Michael aims to make the CBD market a little less wild-west by nurturing a brand that values quality, honesty, and long-term impact above all else. As a child, Michael was blessed with receiving the wisdom of his mother, Joyce, among many others. A key lesson she imparted was the importance of making short-term sacrifices for the long-term gratification that they could provide. This philosophical outlook has served Michael well, and the results shine through in the great success he has seen as a business leader. Through determination, decisiveness, and a burning desire for excellence, Mojave Rx is shaping up in the same way and continues to bring the highest quality CBD products to those that need them at extremely affordable prices.

Michael’s ‘no short-cuts’ approach is evident in the process of bringing Mojave Rx’s CBD products to market. Having a vertically integrated supply chain, Mojave Rx grows and harvests its own plants, extracts its own CBD, and carries out its own testing to make sure that nothing but the best is delivered to its customers and priced affordably. 

Outside of his professional endeavors, Michael is also passionate about his personal growth journey. Exercise, meditation, reading, journaling, and continued education are all of the utmost importance and, in his opinion, the key to becoming a more effective leader. Above all, Michael is passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives, and through Mojave Rx and their top-quality products, he hopes to continue on this journey for many years to come.