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10k RELIEF ROLL-ON : “Absolutely blown away! I was dealing with nagging lower back pain days after a weekend workout. I applied the Mojave Roll-On and felt the pain subside instantly. Incredible product!”

– Danny C. – Santa Monica, CA

10K RELIEF SALVE: “This is now a part of my nightly routine. After high intensity training or activities there is no substitute for Mojave’s Salve. From my calfs to lower back, neck & shoulders this provides so much relief. Without it I am not sure I could stay as active as I do.”

– Charles F. – Los Angeles, CA

10K RELIEF TINCTURE: “I use this daily. Best recovery oil on the market. I put this oil under my tongue and hold it there – it has a higher viscocity, pleasant taste, and no after-taste. I use this as part of my daily anti-inflammatory ritual. I highly recommend this product..”

– Nicole N. – Denver, Colorado

How Does it Work?

Faster relief

Fight pain with the highest potency, fastest-acting 10,000mg CBD salves and CBD roll-ons

Quicker recovery

Accelerate muscle repair post-workout with the highest potency CBD tincture on the market

Better Sleep

Overnight whole-body rehabilitation with valerian root enhanced CBD gummies + melatonin

The Mojave Guarantee

100% Risk-Free

Free returns on all orders!

Quality Guaranteed

All batches tested by 3rd party ISO certified laboratory.

Clean & Pure

Made with organically grown and 99%+ pure botanical extracts.