CBD Oil Tincture

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a stay at home parent, Mojave Rx’s premium high potency CBD oil tinctures are a top choice for anyone looking to reap the pain relief and stress relief benefits of CBD oil. Offering its user a convenient, non-invasive delivery method, our CBD Oil tinctures are custom formulated with the highest CBD potency on the market and are blended with echinacea to help manage pain, reduce stress, and accelerate recovery time to get you ready for more action.

Why CBD?

Using the hemp plant for its many wellness benefits is a known practice, although there has been a certain stigma associated with it, especially during the 20th century. Thankfully, times have changed, and using CBD products for things like stress or pain relief has become more and more common in recent years, partially thanks to the cultural shift in the public perception of cannabis and the ongoing wave of legalization of the recreational and medical uses of the plant in the United States and abroad.

It is important to note that while they may have derived from the same family of plants, CBD products and recreational marijuana are two very different things. Both of them are associated with medical benefits, but CBD products such as CBD oil tinctures don’t contain THC, the chemical associated with the pleasant high you would feel after smoking (or eating) marijuana.

CBD tinctures are a good way to ingest CBD oils. If you don’t need high-potency doses and would like the effects to last for a long time, CBD oil tinctures are the best option for you.

What Is CBD Oil Tincture?

A CBD tincture refers to a CBD oil solution that is made from concentrated CBD extract. The hemp extract is formulated an oil carrying agent, such as MCT Oil or coconut oil, then mixed with flavoring oils and organic sweeteners like stevia for taste.

As opposed to certain products made with CBD oils, tinctures are not meant to be rubbed on the body, but rather taken sublingually or mixed with your food. If you’re looking for CBD products that you can use when baking sweet desserts with a bit of healthiness, then CBD oil tinctures should be right up your alley! There are plenty of CBD tincture products that use flavor-enhancing ingredients, such as herbs, sweeteners and essential oils, but also various health supplements, such as vitamins B12, C, and D, or melatonin (a substance known for improving your sleep quality).

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil Tincture?

Of course, when shopping around for products made with hemp seed oil (CBD oil), people are mainly interested in the health benefits they can provide them with. Whether you buy CBD oil or a CBD tincture, these benefits will be similar, although you may experience them differently, depending on which product you choose to go with.

Keep in mind that while they’re useful as supplements or prophylactic methods of keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy (in combination with other vitamins and a healthy diet), CBD products (even full-spectrum CBD) are not proven to cure any specific diseases or ailments. They can, however, help you alleviate many of the modern-day troubles, such as pain or anxiety. Below, you will find four examples of the most sought-after benefits of CBD oil tinctures.

Pain Relief

The way we approach pain management in the United States is often flawed and may have dangerous side effects. Many people rely on pharmaceutical opioids to relieve their chronic or injury-related pain, which can cause severe addiction. CBD can offer a healthier, non-addictive pain management alternative. Keep in mind that it may not work as well with some of the most severe ailments, so if you’re affected by one of those, you might want to consult the idea of using CBD with your GP.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Studies have shown that as much as 10% of people living in Anglo-Saxon countries suffer from anxiety disorders, and even more individuals report feeling high-intensity stress on a regular basis. This is due to our lifestyles, often riddled with intense workloads and stressful situations that result from living in high-density urban areas. Taking CBD oil tinctures has been proven to alleviate that stress and help you face daily challenges with a calmer, healthier mind, all the while retaining the mental capacity necessary to maintain high productivity.


One of CBD’s unique properties is the way in which it supports your brain health. This is due to CB1, a receptor in your brain that CBD molecules interact with by neutralizing the effect of THC on that cannabinoid receptor. Some products with high-CBD content usually retain trace amounts of THC, which is the molecule that actually binds with CB1 receptors. By neutralizing its effects, the use of CBD tinctures allows you to reap the therapeutic benefits that come from these chemicals interacting with your CB1 receptors while keeping you sober. Using high-quality CBD oil on a regular basis can support your memory function in the long term, helping ward off neurodegenerative diseases.

Acne Prevention

CBD use also helps reinforce your immune system. According to the Journal of Clinical Investigation, CBD oils prevent the excess production of sebum. Sebum is a natural oil produced by your organism to keep your skin well-hydrated, but too much of it may lead to acne outbreaks on your face and body. Regular ingestion of CBD promotes the adequate production of sebum in your body, which plays a major role in preventing outbreaks.

Get the Best CBD Tinctures From Mojave Rx and Reap the Benefits

CBD tincture use is one of the most effective, long-lasting, and reliable methods of supplementing your body with cannabinoids in order to alleviate the pain and stress of everyday life. It is also highly recommended for athletes, who want to speed up their muscle recovery after workouts. On top of getting the highest-quality CBD products available on the market, by buying Mojave products, you’ll also spend your money on a charitable cause, as $1 from every sale goes directly to support US veterans.