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The perfect gift for the athlete you love, by purchasing our BUNDLE you’re not only SAVING 20% on your products, you’re also getting the very best recovery products on the market, The BUNDLE contains one all of the following products:

  • RECOVERY TINCTURE – 333mg Activated CBD per Dose & 10,000mg Total | 30 Doses | THC Free
  • RECOVERY GUMMY – Berry Flavor | THC Free | Vegan | 25mg Activated CBD & 25mg Echinacea Extract Per Dose, 750mg Total  | 30 Pieces
  • RELIEF ROLL-ON – 10,000mg Activated CBD | Tea Tree Oil | THC Free | Easy Roll-on Applicator
  • RELIEF SALVE – 10,000mg Activated CBD | Jojoba Oil | THC Free | Non-Greasy Formula
  • SLEEP GUMMY – Citrus Flavor | THC Free | Vegan | 25mg Activated CBD & 5mg Melatonin Per Piece | 30 Pieces

WARNING: This product has not been evaluated by  the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Keep this product out of the reach of children. Consult a physician before using CBD products.

3 reviews for MOJAVE RX BUNDLE

  1. Sam

    My girlfriend got me one of these kits for my birthday. Super cool, comes in a badass box with nice presentation. And all of the products are really great. I’m an avid hiker and runner so definitely loving the recovery.

  2. Som S.

    I’m dealing with rehab of a lower back injury. Wasn’t sure what would work best so I got one of everything. I haven’t really used the sleep gummies, but the recovery gummies taste great and are relaxing. The roll-on is my favorite though. That thing is legit for when I’m having a flare up. The tincture I’ve been taking once in the morning and once at night and although I’m not pain free, it definitely takes the edge off. I wouldnt buy the bundle again because I dont use it all, but I would definitely buy the roll on and tincture. Really cool packaging too.

  3. C. Weber

    Let me start with saying the packing in spot on. Didn’t expect the quality and five star packaging. With that, I figured the company probably put most of their attention toward the “look”…but I was taken back by effectiveness of the Mojave product.

    So, I spend quite a bit of time at Farmer’s Markets and Trade shows throughout the country and there are always ample suppliers of CBD products, each vendor claiming that their formula works better than everyone else’s. Well, as a former elite athlete, I am always open to try a “free” sample and hoping that I find the one that works with my body chemistry and allows me some type of relief; especially as I trek through these trade shows or markets and the joint and muscle pain gets worse. I wanted to believe for so long that there was some benefit to the CBD mystique, but just hadn’t found it…at least for my body.

    I have a friend that suggested I try MojaveRx’s product and with reluctancy, I said okay. The package came, I was taken back by the presentation, but as I mentioned previously, I figured my surprise would stop there…NOPE! NOPE NOPE NOPE…

    -I’ll start with the tub of Muscle Recovery Salve (at least, that’s what I call it). I do like using this more than the roll on, for two reasons, I get to control and see the amount I am applying and I also feel it’s more concentrated and I get quicker and longer relief. Plus, going to the gym for shoulder day and having the shiny salve lathered on, helps with my ego and look more defined…hahaha (kidding, well kind of).

    -Roll on, is wonderful for those that don’t want to touch the CBD oils, but at time it doesn’t come of out the bottle as easily, a quick fix is running hot water in a cup and dropping the Roll On bottle in there for a couple minutes to loosen up the compound. I don’t really like microwaving things, especially natural compounds and oil, as I feel that the microwaves could actually destroy or dilute it. Just my opinion-

    -Muscle Recovery Gummies.
    Love these. I actually take them pre and post workouts. There is a noticeable decrease in pain that I have felt. The taste is pretty good, very sweet and that helps with my need for sugar cravings as well.

    -Sublingual CBD Oil drops
    The tincture is probably my least used product of the bundle. The after taste isn’t horrible, but to be honest, I would prefer the gummies. I have and will continue to use the sublingual oil, because I am now out of my recovery gummies, and I am enjoying the relief this product as afforded me regardless of the taste.

    -The Sleep Recovery Gummies
    I saved this one for last because it is hands down the best melatonin based product I have ever used. Forgot about the desert like taste right before bedtime and the muscle/joint relief that is happing as well…but the sleep I am able to get from these gummies is amazing. I have tried loads of different melatonin products and some work for the first 3 hours of sleep or so, but then they wear off. This formula is phenomenal and works! I generally get 7-8 hours easily and add the pain relief, I then wake up feeling energized and ready to get to the gym or whatever else my day requires.

    I am not here to blow smoke up your ass, I wanted to use this product for at least a few weeks, so I could be honest with my review, let you know that this product works from me and my body chemistry and all the injuries I have sustained.

    Well done and looking forward to continuing with MojaveRx,


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