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Our RELIEF SALVE contains an industry high 10,000mg of activated CBD (cannabidiol), custom formulated with JOJOBA OIL, a natural collagen synthesizer. Combined, this formulation is designed to promote long lasting PAIN RELIEF and MUSCLE RECOVERY. The salve is perfect for rub downs, massages, and sports therapy.

NOTES: THC Free | 10,000mg CBD | Jojoba Oil

WARNING: This product has not been evaluated by  the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Keep this product out of the reach of children. Consult a physician before using CBD products.

4 reviews for MOJAVE RX 10K RELIEF SALVE

  1. Christopher

    My buddy was using this stuff at our football league and after I tweaked my hamstring he graciously let me use it. Felt relief right away, couldn’t believe it. Went home and bought my own immediately, and one from my Pops who has bad back pain. He loves it too!

  2. Jose

    My girlfriend got this for me and I love her for it. I have pain in the front of my knees after I run, but this stuff does the trick. Also, it’s great for massaged. Def recommend!

  3. Charles Fisher

    This is not a part of my nightly routine. After long work days and/or days of high intensity training or activities there is no substitute for Mojaves Salve. From my calfs to lower back and neck and shoulders this provides so much relief and recovery. Without it I am not sure I could stay as active as I do.

  4. Nicole

    This salve is a must have for anyone who wants to erase aches and pains. I use this in conjuction with the Mojave roll-on when I need a little extra help soothing tired and wornout muscles. This salve is a must-have for anyone who wants immediate and effective relief, whether post workout or injury related pain.

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