Does CBD Oil Expire? Learn About Shelf Life And More

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Every product made from organic material has a shelf life, and CBD oil is no different. The answer to “does CBD oil expire” is yes- even the highest-quality CBD will eventually go bad. But high quality CBD oil can be expensive, so it’s important to extend the shelf life as much as possible. Many people don’t know that there are ways to optimize its shelf life through careful product selection and storage techniques.

So how long does CBD oil last, and can CBD oil go bad? This article will dive deep into the shelf life of CBD oil and offer some tips to make it last longer.


How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

CBD oil typically lasts between 12-18 months. How long your CBD oil will last depend on a number of factors we will outline below.


Factors Related To CBD Oil Shelf Life

Choose A Quality Brand

When it comes to CBD, it’s worth spending a bit more on a high-quality product. The difference between low and high-quality CBD products is quite noticeable, and unsurprisingly, better quality CBD tends to last longer.

The best quality CBD oil has these features:

–> Seamless packaging: CBD oil should be stored in amber bottles to keep it from light exposure, which reduces the product potency. Equally important is that it’s an airtight container.

–> Top ingredients: Every ingredient in your CBD oil will have its own individual shelf life and will impact the overall product. If your tincture contains other ingredients like MCT oil and hemp seed oil, it’s important that they are high quality, as well, as they can also go rancid. The better ingredients, the more you will get out of your CBD oil.

Amber bottle of CBD oil showing the ingredients

Be Careful Where You Buy CBD Oils

Unfortunately, there are many companies selling low-quality, inaccurately labeled CBD oil. To ensure you are getting what the bottle states, ensure you buy from a reputable, high-quality brand.

The only way to know the quality of the product is to check the Certificate of Analysis, or COA. The Certificate of Analysis is a laboratory test conducted by a third-party lab that has no vested interest in the product.


Get More Than A Single Certificate Of Analysis

To be on the safe side, get more than a single certificate of analysis for your CBD oil. Many products will have a QR code you can scan on your phone to access the COAs.

CBD tincture bottle with QR code to check the certificate of analysis

How To Know If Your Pure CBD Oil Has Gone Bad

The answer to “Can CBD oil go bad?” is a resounding yes. Wondering how you can tell if your CBD oil is past its prime? Here’s how:

→ Check the expiration date: the bottle should list an expiration date. However, expiration dates aren’t always accurate, so it’s still important to check other markers.

→ Test the smell: Fresh CBD oil should smell pleasant. If it smells skunky or has a disagreeable smell of any kind, it has probably expired.

→ Examine the thickness: A bit of cloudiness can happen if your CBD oil is cold, but normally it should be of thin, light consistency. If it starts to look thick and dark, it has likely gone off.

→ Taste it: Pay attention to the taste: if it tastes rancid or bitter, it’s best to toss it. Any unpleasant taste is a bad sign.


Will Expired CBD Oil Make You Sick?

Luckily, even if your CBD has expired, it is unlikely to make you sick. Expired CBD oil loses its potency over time, becoming less effective over time and offering fewer therapeutic benefits. However, it is not dangerous.


The Best Way To Store Your CBD Oil:

By optimizing storage conditions, you can drastically increase the shelf life of CBD oil.

Heat and lights can cause your CBD oil to lose potency. Store your CBD oil products in a dark, cool place. However, there is no need to store it in the fridge- a cool room temperature is ideal.

The dark bottle the manufacturer provides is ideal, so keep it in its original packaging, and store the bottles upright.

CBD oil lasts longer when it has minimal air exposure, so ensure you seal the cap tightly after use.

Store your fresh CBD oil in a dry room without a humidifier, as that can encourage mold growth.

If you ever use tools like spoons to extract your CBD, clean them before and don’t double-dip.



Tips On Extending The Life Of Your CBD Oil

Following the tips above can make a big difference in extending the shelf life of CBD oil.

Choosing the best quality product will ensure you can trust what the label says and that your product is properly extracted and stored. And once you have the bottle at home, ensure you store CBD according to the guidelines above.

Always keep your CBD in an airtight container, a dark place, and away from excess heat and direct light. Proper storage goes a long way!

Man takes drops of CBD oil within the shelf life of the product


Can CBD Oil Go Bad? The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the answer to ‘does CBD oil expire’ is yes- it typically lasts between one to two years. But by creating the right storage conditions, keeping it away from heat, sunlight, and moisture, you can increase the shelf life of CBD oil.

Plus, investing in higher-quality CBD products means they will last longer, and in the end can justify a higher price tag.

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