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CBD Roll-On 10000mg

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Our RELIEF ROLL-ON contains an industry high 10,000mg of activated CBD (cannabidiol) per 3oz. and is custom formulated with TEA TREE OIL. The combination of CBD and Tea Tree Oil results in delivering FAST, TARGETED relief on the spot.

NOTES: THC Free | 10,000mg Activated CBD per 3oz

Ingredients: Aqua, Isopropyl Alcohol, Menthol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Camphor, Ethylhexylglycerin, Ilex Paraguariensis, Tea Tree Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Arnica, Phenoxyethanol, Activated CBD (Cannabidiol)

WARNING: Our 10000 mg CBD relief roll-on has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Keep this product out of the reach of children. Consult a physician before using our 10K relief roll-on or any other CBD products.

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17 reviews for 10K RELIEF ROLL-ON 1OZ

  1. alexander

    10K Milligrams you can feel!! As a Crossfit and jiu jitsu athlete I rely on CBD salves and topicals to train on a daily basis, out of all the Roll-ons I have ever tried this is by the quickest activating and longest lasting product I have used, typically I would be applying CBD 3-5 times a day on my most affected areas (back, elbows, shoulder) but with the Mojave product once in the morning and once at night before bed is all you need! Very impressive product!

  2. Maria

    This CBD roll-on is my life saver. I no longer need Advil when I’m in pain or sore from a tough work out. I instantly find relief with it and feel it helps my muscles recover faster. I also hold a lot of stress in my upper back and neck area so this helps relieve that tension which prevents me from getting stiff necks. Not to mention the roll on makes it easier to apply than anything I’ve ever tried. Highly recommend for anyone with muscles!

  3. Dwight

    I played a lot of tennis and baseball at a younger age, so there has been a lot of wear and tear on my shoulder which now results in shoulder pain. Mojave’s CBD roll-on is my go to as it offers pretty immediate relief from pain. I usually couple that with the recovery tincture and it has produced some nice results.

  4. Shayne

    I needed some localized relief on my lumbar and this really does the trick. I can feel it working within minutes of application. I use it once every 3-6 hours for pain relief and it’s helping me ease off of painkillers and loosen up safely and effectively.

  5. Lauren

    I cannot say enough about this product! As a former Division 1 Athlete, my body has been through years of intense training with the need for quick recovery. The Mojave CBD Roll-On is high quality, easy to use, safe and effective. I prefer to not to take medications if at all possible and this is a fantastic solution that yields top notch results and has proven to be tremendous in helping me care for my body, be comfortable and stay active! Highly recommend!

  6. Danny

    Absolutely blown away!
    I was dealing with nagging lower back pain days after a weekend workout. I applied the Mojave Roll-On and felt the pain subside instantly. Incredible product!

  7. Michelle

    I was experiencing a “stiff neck”/neck pain due to sleeping on it wrong. I used this Relief roll on and seriously, like magic, the pain is gone. I went from barely being able to turn my head, to being able to fully move it freely in less than 5 minutes. AWESOME! Thank you xx

  8. Joyce

    I had persistent pain in the thumb joint in my right hand that prevented me from even picking up a coffee cup! In the past I needed steroid injections to relieve the pain, which itself was excruciatingly painful. A friend suggested that I try this roll on and it was unbelievable! I used the product for 2 days and the pain completely subsided. It was incredible. I now use it when my neck is stiff and when I get soreness from working out. My father started using it for his low back pain (from severe spinal stenosis/arthritis) and this is the only topical that gives him relief. The stuff works miracles!

  9. Stephanie

    I don’t know whats in this stuff but the pain seems to disappear almost immediately. I bought them for myself and my Dad who struggles with chronic pain.

  10. Brent K

    I suffer from constant joint pain and have tried many products to alleviate the symptoms. I found out about Mojave RX roll on in September and it has changed my life. Numbs the pain and improves mobility.

    I highly recommend this product

  11. Brad

    Constantly have a lot of tension in my neck. A few seconds after putting on the roll on and it melts away. This baby is now part of my every day routine. Awesome product.

  12. Charles Fisher

    I use this almost daily after my workouts or just when I have tension or a tight muscle. Provides great relief and allows me to continue my day without interruption.

  13. Nicole

    I am an avid walker and will easily clock 8 miles per day. The roll on Muscle Recovery is a life saver on the weekends when I do all 8 miles in one walk. It is easy to apply and very effective to soothe my tired and sore legs. I also use this roll on at night as a pre-bed ritual to relax my neck and shoulders – helps me transition from a stressful day to a relaxing evening.

  14. Jodi

    After 20 years of working as a massage therapist and having hobbies like gardening and refurbishing old treasures, my hands and wrists are done. I’m 48 and refuse to stop doing the things I enjoy, and do not want to take otc or prescription pain relievers for the rest of my life, but the pain can be intense. I have tried everything topical for pain and inflammation that has great reviews on Amazon and nothing helped. I’ve tried cbd tinctures for sleep but was skeptical that a topical cbd roll-on could even touch this pain. I put the Mojave muscle recovery on in the morning then started sanding old cabinets (I know it makes the pain worse but it’s like therapy and I can’t stop) and a few hours later I realized I wasn’t thinking about my hands. For anyone with arthritis or chronic pain, not thinking about the painful area is what you are wishing for. The pain wasn’t completely gone but after hours of sanding and using power tools I would normally be in so much pain I’d have to take something and stop. I texted my friend who gave me the Mojave to try and thanked them for giving me the first helpful with zero hurtful side effects product I have ever used. I now use the Mojave 1-3 times a day depending on what I’m doing and save the ibuprofen for other things, although now that I’m on the website I see other products I want to try that might replace the pills altogether. This is exciting and has me hopeful. Thank you thank you!!

  15. Jim B.

    My lower back has been bothering me lately and locks up often after sitting for a while. I tried the Mojave roll-on after getting a recommendation from a friend and I have to say it offers pretty immediate relief that lasts if I use it throughout the day. I would definitely recommend it.

  16. Tony Aprilia

    I got a roll-on after a motorcycle accident dislocated my shoulder. It was a bit expensive but it’s a local startup so figured I’d support it. It instantly helped immensely with the pain, much more so than pills I was reluctant to even take. My only complaint is it felt so good I ditched my sling prematurely and probably caused a delay in my recovery but that’s my fault I guess. Still, point is it worked and I was very skeptical. If they lowered the price I’d probably give these as gifts to my accident prone friends but alas.

  17. Jason Nollette

    A must buy product for elite athletes! I had been having chronic pain in my feet for five months due to an increase in training milage I was running and father time catching up with me. After an exhaustive attempt to find a product that was both effective and easy to use, I tried the Mojave 10K Relief Roll On and within 25 minutes my consistent chronic pain was gone! I now incorporate the roll on muscle recovery in my post workout routine and my ability to recovery faster with no pain has enabled me to continue to push my athletic boundaries. I would recommend this product to any athlete that needs a rapid recovery from an intense workout to continue to push your physical boundaries.

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