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In the fast-paced world of today, generalized anxiety is unfortunately common. Between demanding jobs, busy families, and stressful world events, it’s no wonder people feel overwhelmed, and many are turning to CBD for anxiety relief.

So, what is CBD, and how exactly does it help with anxiety? We’re here to break it down for you, so let’s get into it.


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Most of the time, anxiety is temporary and stems from a short-term circumstance. However, while some degree of anxiety can be expected, it can get out of control fast.


As driven, high-functioning people, many athletes suffer from anxiety. The pressure of competition or other ambitious athletic goals can lead to disruptive performance anxiety. This can have serious impacts on your ability to perform well and reach your goals. Luckily, there are some treatments for this, which we will touch on later in this article.


Chronic anxiety can advance to a debilitating anxiety disorder that persists even once the stressful circumstances are resolved, or the athletic event is over. Feelings of constant dread and uncertainty may be indicative of this serious mental illness.


Not to be taken lightly, an anxiety disorder can seriously disrupt one’s quality of life and ability to function. People often make the mistake of thinking that psychological illnesses will resolve on their own.


But the mind is part of the body, and if you wouldn’t expect a broken leg to heal on its own, why should a psychological disorder go untreated?


Anxiety is the most common mental affliction in the United States, affecting 40 million adults every year.


Common anxiety symptoms are excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. These feelings can cause mental anguish and issues such as insomnia, depression, and social isolation. They can also cause physical changes in the body, including headaches, a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, upset stomach, increased blood pressure, extreme fatigue, and muscle aches.


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This article will cover which systems stress and anxiety affect the most and will look at whether or not CBD products are a viable option for you.



Anxiety impacts almost every bodily system and can impede the body’s ability to heal and achieve optimal wellness. So which systems does it affect, and what happens to your bodily systems when undergoing anxiety?


Unsurprisingly, the central nervous system is one of the first impacted by anxiety.

When a person is stressed or anxious, the body releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Biologically, the brain sends these signals to the nervous system in an attempt to trigger our natural response to a threat.

Under normal circumstances, or in cases of short-term stress, the brain releasing these hormones can be helpful.

However, when a person has chronic anxiety, the brain works overtime producing these hormones, resulting in frequent headaches, dizziness, depression, and even weight gain.


When a person is anxious, their heart rate can increase in the same way that their nerves do. This is another normal reaction designed to put the body into an emergency response mode.

Someone suffering from chronic anxiety, however, will feel this increased heart rate for extended periods of time. It will not only increase the person’s heart rate but it can also cause heart palpitations and chest pain.

This often makes anxiety even worse, leading to feelings of panic and worry that one’s heart is unhealthy. This cycle can spiral into an anxiety or panic attack if left unchecked.

In addition, feelings of chronic anxiety can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease, both of which will continue to be aggravated by persistent feelings of anxiety.


A nervous stomach prior to a big event is a common occurrence. Still, to those who suffer from anxiety, it can mean chronic stomach aches, nausea, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. These anxiety symptoms can be very disruptive to one’s quality of life.

Research is still ongoing, but it is believed that there is a connection between anxiety disorders and the development of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many people find that when their anxiety is treated, their digestive distress and anxious side effects improve.


As previously discussed, the body reacts aggressively to anxiety and stress because the biological purpose of it is to activate the flight-or-fight response in humans, an evolutionary life-saving response hard-wired into our DNA.

While this bodily response is a tremendous evolutionary advantage, in today’s world, where we are rarely faced with imminent physical danger, it doesn’t always serve us.

When this defense is triggered, the body is flooded with a variety of hormones. One of those hormones is adrenaline. Adrenaline increases our pulse and breathing rate, allowing the brain to get more oxygen as it prepares itself to respond to the presented situation.

In situations of everyday stress, after the cause of concern passes, the body returns to its normal state, and homeostasis is achieved. For those with chronic generalized anxiety, however, the body never gets the signal to return to its normal state. Instead, it stays on alert, weakening the immune system and leaving a person more susceptible to viral infections and illness. Plus, when under the influence of adrenaline, it is difficult to make rational decisions, causing even more stress.


Feeling anxious can cause a person to have rapid and shallow breaths. This is dangerous for those with chronic respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It puts them at increased risk of hospitalization if their anxiety causes breathing patterns to change dramatically. There is also an added risk for people with asthma.

Perceived respiratory difficulties can lead to panic attacks and hospitalizations. A person with anxiety is often unable to discern whether physical symptoms represent a real external threat or if they are psychological in nature.



CBD is thought to interact with two specific endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors found in the central nervous system. For more information on CBD and the endocannabinoid system, check out our blog post, which breaks it down in detail.


Does cbd help with Anxiety?


Research is still ongoing, but studies show that CBD may alter serotonin signals, and in particular, the receptor that has the largest role in anxiety disorders.


As mentioned earlier, the endocannabinoid system and CBD work hand-in-hand, and this is especially true when it comes to anxiety disorders.


The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating anxiety and stress levels in the body, so when the system becomes overloaded with too much stress, it is up to the ECS to make the needed adjustments.


Promisingly, researchers believe that cannabinoids in the ECS can have a positive effect on anxious behaviors. Thus, CBD oil for anxiety is growing in use and popularity.


Finally, CBD is also believed to assist in neural regeneration. Stress and anxiety for prolonged periods of time can cause damage to the neurons and the brain. In order to correct that damage, new neurons must be formed and new connections made. CBD helps boost this corrective process and stimulates the growth of new neurons, resulting in reduced anxiety. 



General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is the persistent and excessive worry about a variety of life’s stressors, from everyday challenges like financial worries and family to more dramatic concerns like disasters or potential loss.


People who suffer from a general anxiety disorder find it difficult to control their worries and find themselves in a cycle of chronic rumination. This makes it challenging to relax and enjoy life and, if left unchecked, can impede one’s ability to complete personal and professional obligations.


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A recent study concluded that using CBD successfully reduced stress in rats, showing them to have overall lower behavioral signs of anxiety after taking CBD. They also concluded that the physiological signs of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, were also improved after ingesting CBD.


While we know that CBD can help rats with anxiety, further human studies are being conducted to gather evidence for the human use of CBD oil for anxiety.



Also called social phobia, people who suffer from social anxiety disorder have a fear of being judged, evaluated, or rejected in social situations. They worry about how they appear to others, not wanting others to view them as uninteresting or awkward and as a result often isolate themselves or avoid socializing.


Social anxiety disorder can even develop into agoraphobia or fear of leaving the house.


In 2011, researchers observed that CBD might affect people with social anxiety disorder. They learned that it effectively reduced overall anxiety levels, helping them thrive in social situations with fewer nagging thoughts and anxious feelings.



Post-traumatic stress disorder is a highly debilitating mental illness that impacts about 3.5% of Americans every year.


When a person has experienced traumatic events, they may suffer from extreme anxiety and distress in any scenario that triggers their traumatic response. And sometimes, symptoms occur even without any trigger.


People suffering from PTSD often isolate themselves to avoid bringing back memories of the original event, and PTSD often leads to years of ongoing anxiety and depression.


PTSD is notoriously difficult to treat and typically requires ongoing psychiatric counselling and medication.


Studies have shown that CBD can help those who have PTSD by reducing the frequency of nightmares and replaying of negative memories. By helping calm the mind and ease anxiety, studies also found that CBD can help those suffering from insomnia, a common concurring disorder in those suffering from PTSD.



Panic disorder is a condition in which people experience spontaneous and severe panic attacks for seemingly no rational reason. This also increases their chances of being anxious about possible future attacks, thus adding a chronic worry to their daily lives.


Studies conducted on mice have shown CBD to be helpful in reducing panic, opening up the possibility of it being used for humans experiencing panic disorder. More studies are needed, but the results are promising.


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OCD is marked by obsessions and compulsions which can be intrusive and cause stress and anxiety during a person’s daily life. These can be behaviors that a person feels they must perform in order to ease the anxiety or heightened concerns about things like hygiene or symmetry. 


There are promising studies relating to CBD and OCD. Using mice for the study, researchers found that after administering CBD to the test subjects, the mice were less likely to compulsively bury marbles, with effects staying stable for up to 7 days after the initial dosage. Due to CBD’s generally calming effect, many people report its usefulness with OCD symptoms. 



Anxiety is a serious condition requiring a consultation with a medical professional. If you suspect you may be suffering from a disruptive anxiety disorder, the first thing is to consult your doctor and, ideally, obtain a referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist. You may require ongoing counseling or medication to get your symptoms under control.


There are also some effective alternative practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to support medical treatment and counseling. A meditation routine is highly effective, as is a calming yoga practice.


Sleeping a restful 8 hours every night, eating nutritious food, regular exercise, avoiding excessive caffeine, and hydrating properly can all help calm anxiety. Having a therapy animal can also be quite helpful and is growing in popularity.


CBD is an excellent option that can be utilized alongside conventional medical treatment. Many people find dramatic improvements in stress, sleep patterns, chronic pain, and athletic recovery after the introduction of CBD oil for anxiety.


Always consult your doctor first to see if it is a good option for you, and ensure you obtain your CBD from a reputable source. 


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This all sounds great, but how does CBD work for real athletes? Remember, CBD doesn’t just help with anxiety. It’s also great for a number of athletic applications. Here’s how some world-famous athletes have used CBD to improve their athletic performance and recovery.


Riley Cote retired in 2010 after a recurrent traumatic brain injury and body trauma. Cote now uses cannabidiol twice a day to help with the symptoms of his injuries and calls it “a game-changer.” 


Ryan VandenBussche was battered over his 20-year professional hockey career. During that time, he suffered from over 20 concussions and underwent many surgeries leaving him in chronic pain. Cannabidiol was a lifesaver for him as an alternative to addictive opioids. 


George Kruis, a renowned rugby player, began using CBD to help his recovery process after a knee injury. He was so impressed with the oil that he used it to recover from ankle surgery too.


James Haskell is one of the U.K’s most famous rugby players that’s well-known for his impressive physique and dedication to training. Haskell has released numerous YouTube videos in which he openly explains the benefits he and his wife see when taking CBD before a workout.


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If you are considering trying CBD to help your anxiety, what do you need to know first?


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CBD oils, or tinctures, usually come in the form of a designated number of drops on or under the tongue.  CBD oil can be effective in helping relieve anxiety,


Ensure you purchase your CBD oils for anxiety from a high-quality manufacturer.  If you purchase low-quality CBD oil, there is a higher chance that the THC levels will be beyond what is considered in the safe zone for non-intoxication. 


Besides risking the psychoactive high with a poor-quality CBD oil, you could also be risking a drug test coming back positive for THC! For athletes, this is disastrous, and it’s worth spending a bit more on high-quality CBD oil than risking your career.


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Some brands of CBD oil do have a distinct taste and texture that some may find unappealing. However, you can also mask the flavor in food or drinks with a strong flavor. MojaveRx’s tincture is known for its particularly mild flavor.


Which Spectrum CBD Oil To Choose: Full Spectrum CBD Oil vs. Isolate?

CBD comes in three types: isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD.


Isolate: CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD with no other compounds from the cannabis plant. It is typically derived from hemp plants which contain only trace amounts of THC. CBD isolate is a crystal that can be ground and used in numerous applications.


Full-spectrum CBD: Full-spectrum CBD contains numerous cannabis plant extracts. These include essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids like cannabinol. This typically contains trace amounts of THC.


Broad-spectrum CBD : Like full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD contains numerous cannabis plant extracts. Most broad-spectrum CBDs contain no THC.



There isn’t one best type of CBD: the most effective type can vary greatly from person to person. Some people find it easiest to use oil, while others find smoking hemp more enjoyable.


As the popularity and availability of CBD products continue to grow, the options become easier to try to see what works best for you. 


Not all CBD products are created equal. Some companies sell poor-quality products with unreliable ingredients and inaccurate potencies.


Do your homework, and make sure your supplier has high-quality ingredients and production methods. MojaveRx’s products are among the best on the market! All of our products are tested by a third-party ISO-certified laboratory.


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Most retailers and CBD manufacturers are more than happy to answer any questions potential customers may have, and many are eager to assist customers in finding a product that suits them.


Armed with the knowledge that CBD can help with anxiety, choosing which CBD product to add is a personal choice for the user. Often, CBD users will try all types before settling on their favorite or will use them all in a combination that works best with their lifestyle.


MojaveRx has a variety of products to suit your needs. All of our products can help with anxiety, and we also offer specialized formulas to help with sleep problems, athletic recovery, and pain relief.


If you are unsure which product is best for you, our customer service team will be happy to guide you in the right direction.




Because anxiety impacts so many bodily systems, it can seriously affect your health and should not be taken lightly. Performance anxiety related to athletic competitions can ruin your training efforts: if you cannot relax and focus on your physical effort, you will not reach your goals.


Chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder can impede your ability to live an enjoyable and productive life, but viable options are out there.

If anxiety is becoming a problem for you, seek medical help from qualified doctors and specialists. And when used in tandem with psychiatric care, you may find that holistic treatments offer even further relief.


CBD has helped many people find freedom from anxiety and feel more at ease. Whether you use tinctures, edibles, smokables, or concentrates, there are many options out there that can help.


Always ensure you get your product from a reputable source, as some suppliers on the market are selling low-quality and ineffective CBD.


MojaveRx is happy to work with you to find the best solutions to offer you relief from ongoing anxiety.




Yes, CBD is legal on a federal level. It is legal in most states, provided the hemp-derived CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC.

CBD is believed to have therapeutic effects. Unlike THC, cannabidiol doesn’t have psychoactive effects on the user’s mind.

However, some state laws may mean local restrictions are in place.



First, you need to know how much CBD you should take for it to take effect. Your body may tolerate CBD differently in comparison to other users. This is because CBD doses depend on body mass and the severity of anxiety conditions.

To be on the safe side, you should start with low doses. MojaveRX’s tincture takes effect in about 30-40 minutes and lasts 4-6 hours. In case you don’t achieve the desired result the first time, you should try increasing the dosage.



CBD oils are usually mixed with a carrier oil (e.g., coconut oil). You can use CBD oil sublingually. Squeezing a few drops under the tongue should be sufficient for the first time. CBD oil is then absorbed by the mucous membrane.



The best CBD for anxiety doesn’t exist. The effects of CBD will always individually depend on your tolerance and body constitution.

What you should focus on, instead, is the ingredients and the producer. It’s no secret that in the underregulated CBD market, producers may neglect industry standards. By taking shortcuts, they release low-quality products with an eye-catching marketing campaign.

You should look beyond marketing and not hesitate to ask the retailer for more details.

MojaveRX has CBD oils, gummies, roll-ons, and salves that are regularly checked by independent laboratories. This guarantees the purity of ingredients and overall product safety.



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