Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking or Drinking?

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CBD, which is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, is the second most significant active ingredient in cannabis. This substance is obtained directly from the hemp plant or produced in a laboratory. 

CBD is one of the hundreds of ingredients of cannabis, and this one in particular doesn’t make you feel “high” (as opposed to THC). As it is said in the report published by the World Health Organization, there is no abuse or dependence potential in pure CBD, and there haven’t been any associated health-related issues registered.

It has been observed that CBD helps to ease back pain, lower stress, fight insomnia, stimulate appetite, and more. But can CBD help you quit smoking or drinking? Let’s elaborate more on it here.

Research on CBD vs. Alcoholism

Researchers have noticed that CBD affects the same part of the brain that is activated by alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, but without making you addicted. It can minimize cravings or even reduce the pleasure obtained from using these substances. Then, if this natural compound makes drinking less enjoyable, it becomes easier to stop drinking.

What’s more, CBD contains a lot of antioxidants which are very helpful in neutralizing the harmful cells called free radicals. Those cells enter our body through alcohol, as well as smoking, pollution, or eating junk food.

How Alcohol and CBD Impact the Endocannabinoid System

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their body, which is believed to help in maintaining balance in the organism. However, its exact functions and ways of working are still not fully understood and under research.

So far, it is known its basic elements are enzymes, endocannabinoids, and cannabinoid receptors. When endocannabinoids are bound to your body’s receptors, they have pain-relieving effects. After that, endocannabinoids are broken down by enzymes.

A study from 2007 showed that no matter if the alcohol use is long- or short-term, it has an effect on the rat’s brain on endocannabinoids’ level. The changes appeared in those brain areas that are responsible for emotions as well as the ones associated with alcohol use disorder.

Interestingly, both CBD and THC also affect the ECS. Some researchers even claim that CBD can prevent breaking down the endocannabinoids, but it is still not a confirmed theory. 

Can You Use CBD to Stop Drinking?

Scientists are still researching the likely therapeutic impact of CBD for people suffering from alcohol use disorder. Even though more evidence is needed to confirm it, the already conducted studies look very promising.

One of the studies, conducted in 2018, showed that when CBD is mixed with naltrexone (a medication reducing cravings and the euphoric feelings associated with taking such substances as alcohol and opioids), it can have excellent effects on minimizing alcohol consumption.

CBD to stop drinking

Also, there was a review of human and animal studies published in 2019 showing that even CBD alone can make it easier for addicted people to stop alcohol abuse. It says that CBD is likely to have a neuroprotective impact helping to cure brain damage caused by alcohol.

However, it is still necessary to conduct clinical trials to understand if you can actually use CBD to stop drinking.

Does CBD Help With Nicotine Addiction

Numerous people all around the world suffer from nicotine addiction nowadays. Even if they decide to quit, it is often very difficult for them to achieve that. They use nicotine patches and gum to make this process easier, but they are not always strong enough to reduce tobacco cravings and fight nicotine dependency. For this reason, many people turn to CBD products because it seems to be a more effective help in quitting this addictive habit.

CBD help with nicotine addiction

The nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes is highly addictive, so trying to quit smoking may result in experiencing some withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, stress, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, and decreased or increased appetite.

Thanks to CBD, you can alleviate those unpleasant symptoms without any significant side effects. It can reduce the craving for tobacco products, as well as lower your blood pressure, make you more relaxed, and help you with insomnia or bad mood. It is because CBD’s chemical properties can modify the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors and make your attitude more positive and calmer. For this reason, consuming the right amount of CBD every day may increase your chances of quitting smoking successfully and without too many withdrawal symptoms.

Research on CBD vs. Nicotine Addiction

The effects of CBD on helping with quitting smoking nicotine products have been researched for a few years already. One of the studies was conducted in 2013 and involved 24 tobacco smokers, randomized to get an inhaler of CBD or placebo. They were told to use the inhaler whenever they felt like smoking. After a week, it turned out that those participants who got CBD smoked a significantly smaller number of cigarettes (around 40% less), and those who were treated with placebo did not show any difference. It has shown that there is a lot of potential in CBD to help with nicotine addiction.

Apart from that, there was, for example, a study in 2018, involving 30 addicted cigarette smokers, getting either 800 mg oral CBD or a matched placebo. It turned out that CBD managed to lower the pleasure and salience of cigarette cues, making it easier to cope with abstinence.

So, does CBD help with nicotine addiction? There is still more research necessary to confirm that in 100% but the results achieved so far make it very likely.

Which CBD Products to Choose to Make Quitting Drinking or Smoking Easier?

You can take CBD in various forms, depending on your preferences and needs. Here are two most commonly used CBD products used to help in fighting alcohol abuse or nicotine addiction:

CBD Gummies

One of the ways to make fighting addictions easier is to eat CBD gummies to quit drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco products. They will provide many beneficial nutrients to your ECS system to improve its functioning. They have a herbal formula with natural flavors and colors, so you don’t have to worry about any negative effects even if you plan to use them for a long time.

gummy candy

It is a very consumer-friendly form of CBD, coming in a variety of tasty flavors and different colors. They can help you not only with fighting your addiction but also with falling asleep more easily, relaxing in stressful times, and more. 

CBD Oil Tincture

Another popular form of cannabidiol to take when you want to quit drinking or smoking is CBD oil tincture. To prepare it, the producer mixes concentrated CBD extract with an oil carrying agent, which can be, for example, coconut oil or MCT oil. To improve its taste, sometimes the producer also adds organic sweeteners or flavored oils.

CBD Oil Tincture

You can take CBD sublingually or add it to your food. It can be, for instance, a good way to make your baked desserts more healthy and help you quit addictions! Interestingly, sometimes this product is also enriched with melatonin (helping you sleep well) or vitamins C, D, and B12.

Some may think that smoking CBD may be the best alternative for cigarettes (as it requires a similar activity), but it is important to remember that this method can be worse for your health than gummies or oil tinctures.

The Bottom Line

All in all, thanks to some already conducted research, it seems that CBD can be helpful in quitting smoking or drinking. It makes alcohol or tobacco products less pleasant to use, and it makes you more relaxed, not needing those substances so badly. CBD is not addictive and doesn’t show any major side effects, so it is safe to use.

can CBD help you quit smoking or drinking

It can be consumed in various ways, but the most recommended cannabidiol products for making it easier to fight addictions seem to be oil tinctures and gummies. They are healthy and easy to take and sometimes may even have very tasty flavors. Don’t hesitate and order them now in our shop!

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